Get to know your blogger

Why hello there!

Because my blog is fairly new and most of my readers really don’t know me yet… I thought I would share some random info about myself to the blogging world !


Grab a cup of tea or coffee… or wine… and read on to learn 15 random things about me you probably didn’t know.

  1. I really love birds and elephants- I have bird decorations all over my kitchen and living room and I have elephant decorations all over my room. Liam’s nursery was elephants too!
  2. I am thinking about taking up embroidery! (I’ll let you know how that goes)
  3. I met a girl named Lyndsi when I was 5 years old and we have been best friends ever since! Her daughter is around the same age as my son and we secretly (or not so secretly) dream of the day they fall in love! ha!
  4. My birthday is  October 20th
  5. I have three happy places … the mountains as always, Target, and the nursery down the road. Mountains, shopping, and plants pretty much sums me up ! (maybe add Joann’s or Michaels in there too since I live at craft stores too)
  6. I tried blogging back when my son was a baby but just never seemed to have the time! Or the motivation to be honest- I was quite sleep-deprived for a LONG time. Recently I just decided one day that it was time to try blogging again so I moved to WordPress and started all over !
  7. I have a cat named Spartacus and he is pretty amazing. He will come up to anyone and just wants to cuddle all day. I was never a cat person until I got him!I love that little fur ball.
  8. My boyfriend and I were thrift store people before it was cool. And to be completely honest- even dumpster divers! When we first moved out to Colorado we had nothing but a few suitcases of clothes and my record player so we grabbed anything free that we could. We slept on a blow-up mattress for about 6 months, maybe even longer. It is so funny to look back at those days now! But it was NOT funny in the moment when we would have to take turns every night filling the damn thing back up with air. We would wake up in the middle of the night taco’d together in the middle and actually laying on the ground because there was a hole in the mattress somewhere. It was one of those electrical pumps so we would have to get up and flip the switch and the motor was so loud I’m sure our neighbors in that apartment just loved us.
  9. Until about two years ago I had a serious problem with getting rid of stuff ! Not everything, I wasn’t hoarder status by any means but gifts people gave me that I never used, or old momentos from school and such… I held onto all of it ! Even ugly decorations that I just put up because I had nothing else. Now I am MUCH better at purging !
  10. I wash out plastic ziplock baggies and re-use them over and over until they get icky or start to fall apart. I learned this from my Grandmother who grew up during the great depression and kept some of her frugal ways even until this day! People think it’s weird but I think it’s absurd to throw it out! SO wasteful!
  11. I still talk to my two best friends back home (Illinois) every single week! I was so afraid that these relationships would fade after I moved to CO but they have actually grown stronger ! I can’t believe I have been here 6 years already. I miss them both, and my family, like crazy! I try to come home twice a year and my friends take yearly trips out here. It’s always something to look forward to!
  12. My mother is an author. Her novel The Dance by Joan Aubele can be found on Amazon. You HAVE to buy it! It’s her true story of battling Leukemia with three young daughters (I was just a couple months old). It’s a love story, which are my favorite, and if you or anyone you know is fighting cancer this is a must read !
  13. I love throw pillows and even though I don’t have anywhere else to put them in my house I can’t stop buying them! And plants. But there is always room for one more plant!
  14. I can eat. And I mean EAT. I am not a large person but bring me to a buffet and usually people are impressed with how many plates of food I can consume. (Especially Indian food!)       I’m hungry.
  15. I was a tomboy when I was a kid and preferred climbing trees,fishing and shooting my Red Ryder BB gun over dolls and tea parties. I still enjoyed those girly things but never let all my friends know that ! I grew up on a street where I had 8 of my best friends within a 5 minute walk! Most of us were all in the same class too and grew up together. It was the BEST place to grow up as a kid! We had these willow trees that we really truly thought we owned- a couple empty lots behind my house. We built a fort and set booby traps all around for unwanted visitors and would smear mud on our faces as war paint. Yep. Those were the days.


Well, I could ramble for days about myself and I hope I haven’t already bored you half to death! ; ) I just zoned out and got sucked in to a series of childhood memories and need to go call Lyndsi now! (She was in almost every single one of those memories so she would know).

Have a beautiful day!

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3 thoughts on “Get to know your blogger

  1. I love these kinds of posts! SO FUNNY – my grandmother does the same thing with plastic bags and I have started doing it recently too… my husband is like, what is going on here? I’m like hey saving the environment over here one plastic bag at a time! haha! I think most moms agree that Target is their happy place. I went with my two year old the other day and we had a blast eating Starbucks muffins for breakfast and shopping for Easter decorations. Very jealous of your metabolism btw. I am the opposite, I can eat a side salad and water and gain two pounds. Tragic. Nice getting to know you better, happy blogging!

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