Preschool-age Boy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is fast approaching people! Can you believe it?? I still cannot believe it is the end of March! So because waiting until last minute to get Easter basket stuff is never a good idea… I wanted to share with you some of the items I have gotten so far for my little guy and some other gift ideas I found that I think a four year old boy would love !


  •  Tattoos and stickers (you can put these in cute plastic eggs)
  • New crayons, markers, colored pencils… always a classic. Throw in a cute coloring book too!
  • Play dough and sand toys
  • Sidewalk chalk and bubbles
  • I found this little toy teepee on Instagram and I am just obsessed now with these little things! They can be used as cute kids room/nursery decor or for them to actually play with. Pair it with some peg dolls and I think this toy is adorable, unique, and has lots of open-ended play and encourages that childhood imagination. I found a lot of peg dolls on Etsy that I really liked! Here are a few I really loved : ModernToTShop MDHandfield Designs and LaLaandBubsCreation (This one is a great gift idea because she personalizes the order to match your family !)
  •  I also found these cute wood Easter eggs on Etsy that would look adorable in an Easter basket and be a cute addition to a play kitchen.


  • Target has these cute DIY fairy gardens for kids in the gardening section and I love this ! We are big on playing in the dirt and learning how plants grow over here so I think my son would be happy to have his own little garden .


  • I always have at least one book in my sons Easter basket and it is either a religious book or a book about spring/gardening. I have been eyeing a couple from Usborne Books that I love …. Secrets of the Vegetable Garden which is a fun and unique book because you hold a page up to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around the vegetable garden. (We have a couple of these books and my son loves them at night when we use a flashlight to see through the page) and the Outdoor Book which has lots and lots of activities to do outdoors and would be great to follow all summer long.
  • The Bullseye section at Target has so many cute and cheap stuff, I bought a bunch of items a couple weeks ago thinking that was all going to be for his basket… but now that I keep finding more and more cute stuff, I may save these for when we have a kids birthday party to go to. (Which we have a lot of in the summer months). I got a bug catcher, a sun hat, some gardening tools, a little canvas , bowling in a bag (adorable little wood bowling set) a dino dig activity, some shrinky art, and  a felt play book(which will be amazing on long car rides or flights).


  • I don’t put much candy in the actual basket, usually just a chocolate bunny and maybe a lollipop because I put candy in the plastic eggs and do an egg hunt in the back yard Easter morning… but if I do need to add small items to fill the basket up I will put his favorite snacks in there such as Annie’s fruit snacks, cheddar bunnies, animal crackers etc. He eats those snacks all the time but he gets excited every year when he sees them in his basket.
  • Putty is always a huge hit with my son. He could sit there and play with it for almost an hour straight! Which is nothing short than miracle, am I right? We really love this brand because they have many different types! The glow-in-the-dark putty is the one I think I will be getting for his basket! Putty is really great for all those sensory seekers out there that need that sensory input. Plus, it’s a great tool to exercise those little fingers and hands to prep for handwriting.


I am praying for good weather again this Easter so we can do our egg hunt in the backyard and have brunch on the patio. Those are the two family traditions we have for Easter every year. I would love to know your Easter family traditions ! Let me know !

I hope everyone has a beautiful and fun weekend !




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