St Patrick’s Green Glitter Slime 

This week we have been busy over here with fun St. Patricks Day crafts and activities!

We jumped onto the slime train a few months ago and finally got our recipe right! We had been using borax in our slime and just couldn’t get the consistency right. I finally went to the store and got some liquid starch because I kept seeing recipes on Pinterest that had this and it was a hit! Big thumbs up on the liquid starch. We will be using the recipe again!You will need…

  • 1/2 C water
  • 1/2 C white Elmer’s glue
  • 1/2 C liquid starch
  • Green food coloring(6-8 drops)
  • Mixing bowl and spoon ( I recommend NOT using a good bowl or spoon as it can stain!)


  1. Pour all the glue and water into the mixing bowl.
  2. Stir
  3. Add green food coloring and glitter to mixing bowl ( we didn’t measure the glitter just sprinkled in how much we wanted)
  4. Add the liquid starch and stir
  5. The slime should be starting to form now- you can take it out and start to mold and stretch it. The more you play with it the better the consistency !

You can store your slime in a plastic baggie or tupperware container but again, be careful as it CAN STAIN! This was an easy and fun recipe that the kids helped me with and they have spent a couple hours already playing with it this week! WIN!

This is what liquid starch looks like for those of you who have no idea (I didn’t!) You can find it in the laundry section at your grocery store

I printed off some simple St. Patricks Day coloring pages for the kiddos and here is Liam being a goof, as always.  **Trying to  explain the real reason we celebrate St. Patricks Day can be difficult when your are teaching younger children. So every year I let the kids watch this VIDEO to help explain. It is funny and has bright colors so even very young children will enjoy watching it. The rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns are always fun but I try to teach my son the real reason why we celebrate holidays. I have a book about Ireland and was showing the kids pictures of the green rolling hills and all the old castles and they were completely in awe that there are still castles standing! It brought up old dreams of visiting Ireland and the thought of finally seeing a place I have dreamt of since I was a little kid made me feel giddy and full of wanderlust. I still have about two dozen pages marked with sticky notes in that Ireland book that I had done when I was about 13 years old. My Dad always encouraged my dreams of traveling the world and he always talked about how easy it would be for me, that it really can be done and I just needed to save my money. Well, life doesn’t always work out as planned and now that I have a family of my own, traveling is a bit more difficult. It most definitely CAN be done and WILL be done but while saving to buy a home, the thought of also saving to travel sounds exhausting to me.

One step at a time…
I will get there someday.





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